The incentives tab allows for council to customize the page that the troops/service units will see to enter in the incentives. You are also allow to have more than one incentive order to the bakery. This can happen only if you have an incentive order at delivery time and then a final incentive order. Individual incentive items can be categorized as being part of the initial incentive order and/or the final incentive order.

Category of incentives and color coding:

Initial The incentive item will be included in an incentive order delivered at the time of cookie delivery. This option will only be available to councils that have requested this option.

Final The incentive item will be included in an incentive order placed as the final incentive order to the bakery

Both The incentive item will be included in both the initial and the final incentive orders.

Inactive - The incentive is not be included in any incentive order

Color coding:

In the example above the A-Mazing Journal can be ordered on the initial and the final order. The Message Band can be ordered only on the initial order. The cookie dough, package a and activity can only be ordered on the final order. The 150+ Pkg. Patch is not being used by the council as an incentive.

NOTE: All Little Brownie Baker incentives will be preloaded into the system. If you are going to order Little Brownie Incentives you MUST Edit the incentive in the Little Brownie List.

A council has three options with incentives by the three types of buttons.

Category of buttons:

Add an Incentive you use this button to add incentives that are not purchased from Little Brownie. This may include other vendor items, sleepovers, cookie dough, etc.

Add a Pkg/Catalog you use this button if you have an incentive that contains multiple items. The items within this incentive can include Little Brownie and non-Little Brownie items. The troops/service units will see the name of the Pkg/Catalog. The items within will only be available on the council reporting.

Edit This button is if your council is using an item that you are purchasing from the bakery. It is CRITICAL that you select a Little Brownie item from the list to ensure that it is part of the order to Little Brownie.