Cookie Initial Order Reporting

Delivery Station / Delivery Tickets

This selection will first display a delivery station summary. You will need to check this summary for any errors. The delivery tickets each have a unique number on them. You may reprint the tickets as many times as needed. NOTE: You will need to use the blank NCR laser paper that is supplied by the bakery. Call your account manager to order these forms.

In the above example, the delivery station labeled Council Office has not submitted their order. The delivery station Council Cupboard is ready to print if you have verified the totals from the reports available. See below.

Back to Report List This option returns you back to the council report list.

Print Tickets This option will print tickets for all delivery stations where there is a check mark in the Print This box.

Omit All - This allows you to remove all the check marks next to the delivery stations in the print this box. You can then select only the delivery stations that you want to print tickets for by clicking the Print This box in front of the delivery station. This is helpful if you need to reprint one or more tickets.

Include All This allows you to check all delivery stations that do not have an error message displayed if you have previously clicked the Omit All button.

Delivery Ticket Summary

This report lists the delivery ticket information in an Excel exportable file where each ticket is a row in the report. This includes not only the cookie variety count information but the mail to and deliver to information as well

Delivery Station Summary

This report lists each delivery station, trucker/agent and a total of all the cookie varieties in cases.

Delivery Station Detail

The reports lists each delivery station, the troops, service units, and/or cupboard orders that comprise the total order. This report can be viewed in packages or cases by clicking the appropriate radial button.

Trucker Summary

NOTE: The Submit/Lock button is used to submit your order to the bakery. Once the order is submitted, you cannot change your initial orders. There is a way to adjust an initial order using the product transaction form. The report lists each cookie variety and total broken down by trucker/agent. If you have only one trucker/agent, you totals will all be in one column.

Service Unit Summary

This report lists each service unit, cookie variety and quantity totals.

Service Unit Detail

This report lists each service unit and all orders from the service unit and/or troops. This report can be viewed in packages or cases by clicking the appropriate radial button.

Horizontal Report

This report show each troop, their troop initial order, delivery station and assigned time. This report can be viewed in packages or cases by clicking the appropriate radial button.

These reports are for you to verify that your information is correct.